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Dem Polling Firm Finds Plurality Think Santa Is A Democrat…

Another good example of how Democrats are dumber than a box of coal.

Think about it:

Santa builds his own stuff. Yes, Barry, he did build that.  He didn’t grovel and ask for handouts and subsidies from the government.

Santa’s workshop is manned by volunteers.  There are no unions representing the elves and they’re perfectly happy with that.

Santa willingly provides toys to children.  He doesn’t lobby the government to have toys taken from rich children and given to poor ones.

Santa only gives toys to the good children.  You want a toy from Santa-you better behave and earn it.  Santa doesn’t give toys away because a kid ‘tried’ to be good or because it’s the ‘fair’ thing to do.  Santa doesn’t buy into the whole concept of “equality” and “Redistribution of playthings”.

You act like a jerk all year-you get a lump of coal.  For those not in the know, that’s Santa’s personal way of saying “F-You” to bad kids for not having personal responsibility.  Santa doesn’t believe in being nice just because it might offend someone otherwise. 

Santa is able to deliver toys to every good child in the entire world in one night.  Think US postal service for a democrat supported alternative.

Santa doesn’t make promises then back out of them.  When you sit on Santa’s lap and he asks what you want for Christmas, unlike Democrats, he doesn’t promise that you’ll get them only to disappoint you on Christmas day.

Santa regards children as they are: innocent, good hearted creatures.  He does not regard them as “sexual beings” or a ‘punishment’ upon their mothers.

Santa and Mrs. Clause have a good arrangement.  He runs the business and she takes care of the cottage.  I don’t think I’ve heard of her screaming about mysogyny or being oppressed for being a woman yet.

Mrs. Clause doesn’t sleep with every elf she meets just because it would empower her to do so.

Santa is friends with Abominable.  Like real friends that treat each other equally.  He doesn’t just tell the huge hairy snowman how much he cares about him while passing policies that keep him trapped in an ice filled cave then trotting him out once a year to put the star on top of the tree.

And, maybe most importantly, when Santa comes into your house on Christmas Eve, he leaves gifts-he doesn’t rob you in the name of “Equality”.

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Turkish Imam Warns Muslims About Santa Claus, Says He’s Not An “Honest Person” Because He “Climbs Down The Chimney”…

The imam of the Turkish town of Kuzan has issued a warning to Muslims about Santa Claus, who he called a dishonest person, Italy’s Corriere della Sera wrote.

Imam Suleiman Eniceri said it was suspicious that Santa Claus brings presents into a house by climbing down a chimney or through windows. “If he was an honest person he would come through the door as we do,” the imam said. The imam cited a passage in the Koran that calls on the faithful to enter houses through doors.

“Christmas is not our festival,” he said, and warned Turkish Muslims against drinking alcohol.

Turkey’s population is over 96 percent Muslim and less than one percent Christian. At the same time it is a secular state with many European traditions.


Good lord! These people get goofier every day.

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