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Pakistani Taliban Vow To Turn Pakistan Into An Islamic State And Help Establish The Caliphate...

With a little more than a month to go for Pakistan’s general election, Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan chief Hakimullah Mehsud has described democracy as a system of ”kafirs” (non-believers) and vowed to wage jihad to implement Islamic law in the country.

In a video message issued today, Mehsud said the Taliban want the enforcement of Shariah or Islamic law in Pakistan. Geo News channel quoted Mehsud as saying that he does not favour democracy.

The Taliban chief claimed that “kafirs” want to divide Muslims in the name of democracy. The Taliban want an Islamic nation and “Allah’s system” in Pakistan, he said.

Shariah will be implemented through jihad and a time would come when there would be a caliphate, Mehsud claimed. He further claimed that the Pakistan government and the US were hatching conspiracies to make Muslims fight among themselves.

Nothing to see here. Move along.

We’ll have a new reality TV or awards show to keep you occupied airing shortly.

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More Religion Of Peace Fun: Pakistani Mob Nearly Lynches Mentally Ill Man Over Koran Burning Rumor, Police Charge Him With “Blasphemy”…

Pakistani Police have arrested a vendor under the controversial blasphemy law for allegedly burning the pages of Quran in Lahore, officials said today.

Police had to rescue Ghulam Hussain, said to be in his thirties, from an angry mob that gathered outside his house in Shahdara area of Lahore yesterday.

“Before the angry mob broke into Hussain’s home, police reached the area and controlled the situation,” a senior police official said.

A case was registered against Hussain under the blasphemy law.

Superintendent of Police Imtiaz Sarwer said some children, who had gone to pick up a ball that fell inside Hussain’s house, had claimed they had seen him burning pages of the Quran.

The children reported the matter to their mother, who alerted the police, Sarwer said.

He said Hussain seemed to mentally deranged.

Some weeks ago, a mob torched and vandalized about 200 homes in a Christian neighbourhood in Badami Bagh area of Lahore after a Muslim man accused a Christian sanitation worker of blasphemy.

Local residents and police officials later said the Muslim man had made the accusation after a drunken quarrel with the Christian.

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Video Shows Kids As Young As Five Being Trained By Al-Qaeda In North Waziristan…

But remember, kids, it’s a cultural issue…or bases….or poverty….or something or other…so don’t judge them.

From The Mirror UK:

These terrifying pictures show children as young as five being trained to kill with pistols and deadly AK-47 assault rifles.

They were taken from footage of an al Qaeda terror camp in north Waziristan, near the Pakistan-Afghanistan border.

Many of the children are orphans of the terrorist organisation’s ‘martyrs’ following the same deadly route as their fathers.

They are brainwashed into waging Jihad on the West and becoming suicide bombers, the Sunday Mirror reported.

It was posted on an underground al Qaeda website and issued by the Turkistan Islamic Party, which trains fighters to fight alongside the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Terrorism expert Neil Doyle said: ‘The video is part of disturbing trend.

‘This is the fourth Islamist insurgent group in recent weeks that has been linked to training children for the battlefield.

I wonder what it’s like to be such a spineless coward that you’re actually okay with training your small children to be bullet catchers. And then people get all offended and butt hurt when we point out that these savages are savages.

I know…I know…imperialism and bases….blah blah.

If I actually see any of those used as justification for these desert monkeys turning their kids into soon-to-be-dead terrorists, I will openly mock and laugh at your stupidity.

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Pakistani Doctors Exam Christian Girl With Downs Syndrome To See If She Can Stand Trial For “Blasphemy”…

 Doctors in Pakistan have examined a young Christian girl imprisoned on blasphemy charges to determine her age and mental capacity, with the results due to be presented in court tomorrow.

Her lawyer says the girl, called Rimsha, is 11 or 12 years old and appears to have Downs syndrome.

She is being held in a maximum security prison after an angry mob accused her of desecrating pages of the Koran.

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Islamic Mob Demand Death Of Young Girl Accused Of “Blasphemy”…

How tolerant of them. But it’s cultural so I guess I can ignore it.

From WND:

A violent mob spent hours blocking a main highway into the Pakistani capital, Islamabad, demanding the death penalty for a mentally disabled child, according to a Pakistani human rights activist.

Shalom Bashara told WND the child, Rimsha Masih, was accused of burning and destroying pages of Arabic-language religious material. There have been conflicting reports of her age. Some media have said she’s 11, others 14, and a police official said she is 16.

She’s now in jail in Rawalpindi after her arrest Aug. 16.

Masih is accused of blasphemy because, Barnabas Aid reports, a neighbor claims he saw the girl burn the pages, put them in a bag and take them to the trash.

Barnabas Aid said the pages apparently were from the “Noorani Qaida,” a booklet used to learn the basics of the Quran.

That put the Muslims in a violent rage.

“The mob encompassed the Christians’ houses and demanded a ‘blasphemer’ to be hanged. The angry mob abused Rimsha and her parents and the Christians of the locality,” Basharat said.

“They blocked the main Kashmir Highway for hours and chanted slogans against Rimsha and the Christians. The mob demanded the death penalty for the blasphemer and was planning to attack the Christians’ houses; however the situation was controlled by the police,” Basharat said.

Police were called to the scene, and Rimsha and her mother were arrested and taken to the police station. The young girl has been charged with blasphemy under Section 295-B of the Pakistani penal code.

Masih has spent five nights in jail, reports said.

Said one, “The alleged incident was broadcast over the loudspeakers of the mosques in the area, stirring up local Muslims; they chanted slogans against Rimsha and severely beat the girl, members of her family and other local Christians. The mob also torched the homes of two Christian families in the area.”

Polly Truscott of Amnesty international said this is the type of treatment religious minorities can face in nations that suspend the rule of law.

Oddly, I haven’t heard a thing from any feminists or the usual people who scream about religious tolerance when people criticize Islam. Guess tolerance doesn’t matter when it has to do with an evil, underage, mentally handicapped Christian.

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11 Year-Old Christian Boy Brutally Tortured And Killed In Pakistan, Reports He Was Accused Of “Blasphemy”….

But remember, kids, it’s a cultural thing so no talking bad.

From The Telegraph:

The tortured body of an 11 year old Christian boy has been found in a town in Punjab, Pakistan, days after a young Christian girl was arrested on blasphemy charges.

Detectives in Faisalabad, around 60 miles from Lahore, said they were investigating whether accusations of blasphemy had also been made against the boy.

Human rights campaigners condemned the killing of Samuel Yaqoob whose burned and tortured body body was discovered on Eid, the celebration which marks the end of the Islamic fasting month of Ramadan.

His lips and nose had been sliced off, his stomach removed and there was evidence that his legs had been mutilated too.

I’ll be waiting for the insults and excuses, apologists.

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Pakistan: 11 Year-old Christian Girl With Down’s Syndrome Arrested For Blasphemy…

But it’s  cultural so it’s not important.

From NDTV:

An 11-year-old Christian girl has been arrested in the Pakistani capital of Islamabad on a charge of blasphemy after she was accused of burning pages of the Quran, police said today.

Officials of Ramna police station said a First Information Report (FIR) had been registered against Rimsha Masih, a resident of Umara Jaffar in Sector G-12 in Islamabad.

The girl was arrested on Friday by personnel from a women’s police station after a man named Syed Muhammad Ummad filed a complaint against her.

However, an NGO named ‘Christians in Pakistan’ reported on its website that the girl has ‘Down Syndrome’ and had been falsely accused of burning 10 pages of the Quran.

The NGO said other Christians living in Sector G-12 had been “threatened by extremists” who wanted to burn down their village on Friday.

It said some 300 people had left their homes and were in hiding due to the threats.

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Pakistan: Rumored Koran Burning Leads To Bloody Riots, Two Children Killed…

A mob attacked a police station in Quetta on Saturday, demanding a man detained for allegedly desecrating the Quran be handed over, leaving at least two children dead and 19 with gunshot wounds.

Violence erupted after police arrested a “mentally retarded” man said to have burnt pages of the holy book in Kuchlak, about 16 kilometres (10 miles) north of Quetta, senior administration official Qambar Dashti told AFP.

“Angry protesters, mostly Afghan refugees, torched several vehicles and pelted police with stones,” Dashti said. They burnt tires and blocked the Quetta-Chaman highway.

“Chanting the man should be killed for blasphemy, they later entered the police station and started firing,” he said, adding that a senior police officer, SP Saddar Malik Irshad narrowly escaped while his police guard was wounded in the shooting.

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Footloose Paki Style: Islamic Clerics Sentence Four Women, Two Men To Death For Dancing Together At Wedding…

Four women and two men have been sentenced to death in northern Pakistan for singing and dancing at a wedding, police said yesterday. Clerics issued a decree after a mobile phone video emerged of the six enjoying themselves in a remote village in the mountainous district of Kohistan, 176 kilometres (109 miles) north of the capital Islamabad.

Pakistani authorities in the area said local clerics had ordered the punishment over allegations that the men and women danced and sang together in Gada village, in defiance of strict tribal customs that separate men and women at weddings.

“The local clerics issued a decree to kill all four women and two men shown in the video,” district police officer Abdul Majeed Afridi told AFP.

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Report: Nearly 1,000 Pakistani Women Victims of “Honor Killings” Last Year…

At least 943 Pakistani women and girls were murdered last year for allegedly defaming their family’s honor, the country’s leading human rights group said Thursday.

The statistics highlight the growing scale of violence suffered by many women in conservative Muslim Pakistan, where they are frequently treated as second-class citizens and there is no law against domestic violence.

Despite progress on better protecting women’s rights, activists say the government needs to do more to prosecute murderers in cases largely dismissed by police as private, family affairs.

“At least 943 women were killed in the name of honor, of which 93 were minors,” wrote the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan in its annual report.

Seven Christian and two Hindu women were among the victims, it said.

The Commission reported 791 “honor killings” in 2010.

Around 595 of the women killed in 2011 were accused of having “illicit relations” and 219 of marrying without permission.

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Pakistani Taliban Behead 70-Year-Old “Spy”…

The Taliban beheaded an elderly baker February 1 in Landi Kotal Tehsil of Khyber Agency after accusing him of spying.

Waris Khan, the deceased, was kidnapped late January 31 and was found dead in a dry water bed early February 1, Abdul Nabi Bangash, a government official, said.

A pamphlet left beside the 70-year-old baker’s body warned local residents that anyone found guilty of spying on the Taliban would meet the same fate, he said.


And these are the people the Obama administration was to have negotiations with.

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Pakistan: Woman Axed To Death To Cleanse Family “Honor”…

Allah Bachaya has surrendered himself to Rohilanwali police after killing his sister in the name of honour but he is confident that he will be released in a matter of days.

Bachaya gave his arrest on Saturday after killing Alina in an axe attack for alleged loose morals.

He told The Express Tribune that he was certain his brother-in-law would withdraw the case as it was a matter of family’s honour. “I have killed her because she brought disgrace to the family’s name,” Bachaya said.

She had become a nuisance. I feel no remorse over my actions. I am backed by the family. They were in favour of my decision to kill her,” he said.

Bachaya said Alina* had eloped more than once with [different] men from the neighbourhood. On Saturday, he said, she had returned home after spending three days with a man.

Alina, 25, was married to Muhammad Akhtar. The couple had three children

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Report: 675 Honor Killings In Pakistan During Nine-Month Period…

At least 675 Pakistani women and girls were murdered during the first nine months of the year for allegedly defaming their family’s honour, a leading human rights group said today.

The statistics highlight the scale of violence suffered by many women in conservative Muslim Pakistan, where they are frequently treated as second-class citizens and there is no law against domestic violence.

Despite some progress on better protecting women’s rights, activists say the government needs to do far more to prosecute murderers in cases largely dismissed by police as private, family affairs.

“A total of 675 women and girls were killed in the name of honour across Pakistan from January to September,” a senior official in the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan said.

They included at least 71 victims under the age of 18.

The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he is unauthorised to speak to the media, said figures were still being compiled for the period covering October to December, and that a full report would be released in February.


But, remember, as our leftist friends repeatedly point out, this is a cultural thing so we shouldn’t be concerned about it.

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Pakistani Family Resists Pressure to Honor Kill Raped Daughter

One shudders to think what would happen if his or her daughter suffered the unspeakable crime of rape. For most parents, thoughts of bringing the perpetrator to justice, combined with determining how best to care for their wounded daughter and nurse her back to mental and physical health would top priorities. For rape victims in many Islamic countries, however, it is quite the opposite, with the female victim often becoming the pariah, and later, a potential target for an honor killing.

For 17-year-old Pakistani girl Kainat Soomro, who was allegedly gang raped four years ago, that fortunately was not the case. Her family resisted widespread pressure to kill their daughter for supposedly disgracing them by falling victim to the heinous crime.

Soomro has become a kind of local celebrity in her struggle for justice in the Pakistani courts while she and the entire family is allegedly under a near constant threat of death.

Her father sat next to her as she recounted the 2007 incident. Atlantic Wire reports:

“I was walking home from my school and I went to the store to buy a toy for my niece,” she said, staring at the floor of the office. “While I was looking at things a guy pressed a handkerchief on my nose. I fainted and was kidnapped. Then four men gang raped me.”

As she shared details of her days in captivity and multiple rapes, she kept repeating, “I want justice, I will not stop until I get justice.” After three days, she was finally able to escape she said. As she spoke, her father gently tapped her head. He said he tried to get Kainat’s alleged rapists arrested, but instead he was rebuffed by the police.

According to the Kainat family’s account, the tribal elders declared her kari, (which literally means black female), for losing her virginity outside marriage.

In Pakistan, as is the case in most Islamic countries, women who lose their virginity before marriage, or even those who are raped, are “shamed” and therefore run the risk of falling victim to an honor killing — often at the hands of their own family members.

“These are matters of honor and the leaders call a jirga and they declare that the woman or the couple should be killed,” said Abdul Hai, a veteran field officer for the Human Rights Commission in Pakistan. These acts of violence are most commonly labeled as “honor killings.”

According to AW, the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan released a 2009 report revealing that roughly 46 percent of all female murders in Pakistan were committed in the name of “honor.“ The actual incidences of ”honor killings” in Pakistan are likely much higher, however, as many cases go unreported.

Fortunately, Kainat said that despite the pressures, her family refused to murder her:

“It is the tradition, but if the family doesn’t permit it, then it won’t happen. My father, my brother, my mom didn’t allow it,” she said.

And that defiance has left the family fearing for their lives. The family’s new home in Karachi has been attacked a number of times.

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Pakistan: Christian Schoolgirl Accused Of Blasphemy Over Spelling Error, Beaten and Facing Criminal Charges While Muslim Clerics Demand Entire Family Be Punished…

It may have been a mere misplaced dot that led to accusations of blasphemy against a Christian eighth-grader, whose miniscule error led to her expulsion from school and uproar amongst local religious leaders.

Faryal Bhatti, a student at the Sir Syed Girls High School in Pakistan Ordnance Factories (POF) colony Havelian, erroneously misspelt a word in an Urdu exam while answering a question on a poem written in praise of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). The word in question was ‘laanat’ instead of ‘naat’ – an easy error for a child to make, as the written versions of the words are similar.

According to the school administration and religious leaders who took great exception to the hapless student’s mistake, the error is ‘serious’ enough to fall within the realm of blasphemy, Saturday.

On Thursday, Faryal’s Urdu teacher was collecting the answer sheets from her students when she noticed the apparently offensive word on her pupil’s sheet. The teacher, Fareeda Bibi, reportedly summoned the Christian girl, scolded her and beat her. Her punishment, however, did not end here. When Faryal’s class fellows learnt of the alleged blasphemy, the teacher brought the principal’s notice to the matter, who further informed the school management.

In the meanwhile, the news spread throughout the colony. The next day, male students of the POF colony school as well as certain religious elements took out a rally, demanding the registration of a criminal case against the eighth-grader and her expulsion from the area.

Prayer leaders within the community also condemned the incident in their Friday sermons, asking the colony’s administration to not only take action against Faryal but her entire family. In the wake of the increasing tensions, Managing Director POF Colony Havelian Asif Siddiki called a meeting of colony-based ulemas and school teachers to discuss the situation. The girl and her mother were asked to appear before the meeting, where they explained that it was a mere error, caused by a resemblance between the two words. The two immediately apologised, adding that Faryal had no malicious intentions.

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