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Hundreds of Thousands of People Losing Health Insurance Due To ObamaCare...

Health plans are sending hundreds of thousands of cancellation letters to people who buy their own coverage, frustrating some consumers who want to keep what they have and forcing others to buy more costly policies.

The main reason insurers offer is that the policies fall short of what the Affordable Care Act requires starting Jan. 1. Most are ending policies sold after the law passed in March 2010.  At least a few are cancelling plans sold to people with pre-existing medical conditions.


An estimated 14 million people purchase their own coverage because they don’t get it through their jobs. Calls to insurers in several states showed that many have sent notices.

Florida Blue, for example, is terminating about 300,000 policies, about 80 percent of its individual policies in the state. Kaiser Permanente in California has sent notices to 160,000 people – about half of its individual business in the state.  Insurer Highmark in Pittsburgh is dropping about 20 percent of its individual market customers, while Independence Blue Cross, the major insurer in Philadelphia, is dropping about 45 percent.

People with preexisting conditions are losing their health insurance thanks to ObamaCare.  Imagine that.

Great job as always, Obama supporters.  You slow thinking mutts.

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MSNBC Claims It’s The Republican’s Fault The ObamaCare Launch Was a Disaster….
Oh, MSNBC. We expect you to cry about racism at every turn, to support jihadists because of ‘culture’ or ‘Islamophobia’ or something and kneel over and pucker up everytime Obama twerks in your general direction but no one in their right mind can even pretend to think that the Republicans had anything to do with that cluster that is ObamaCare.
I wonder what MSNBC watching liberals think of their ‘news’ station treating them like their chin drooling idiots who will believe anything they tell them.

MSNBC Claims It’s The Republican’s Fault The ObamaCare Launch Was a Disaster….

Oh, MSNBC. We expect you to cry about racism at every turn, to support jihadists because of ‘culture’ or ‘Islamophobia’ or something and kneel over and pucker up everytime Obama twerks in your general direction but no one in their right mind can even pretend to think that the Republicans had anything to do with that cluster that is ObamaCare.

I wonder what MSNBC watching liberals think of their ‘news’ station treating them like their chin drooling idiots who will believe anything they tell them.

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Trader Joe's Strips Part-Time Employees of Health Benefits

Oh look! Another one.

And liberals claim to have the welfare of the working man at heart. Goobers.

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SeaWorld Slashes Worker Hours to Avoid Obamacare Fines

But I thought it was “free”! That’s what all the brain dead leftist Troglodytes told me over and over and over again.

Way to go, Obama voters….you gullible sacks of rusty doorknobs.

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For the 85 to 90 percent of Americans who already have health insurance, this thing has already happened. And their only impact is that their insurance is stronger, better, more secure than it was before. Full stop. That’s it. They don’t have to worry about anything else.

B-Rock Obama commenting on Obamacare during a recent press conference

This is an even bigger load of lies than usual from this lying ass liar.  My insurance company already informed us back in January that, due to Obamacare, our insurance premiums were going up and, once all the regulations (which even they did not know what they would all be) go into effect then our insurance would become “unsustainable” and we would end up losing it.

You people that bought into the “free healthcare” lie are dumber than a box of rocks.

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Affordable Care Act, AKA ObamaCare, Set To Raise Healthcare Costs As Much As 80%...

Few aspects of the Affordable Care Act are more critical to its success than affordability, but in recent weeks experts have predicted costs for some health plans could soar next year.

Now health law supporters are pushing back, noting close ties between the actuaries making the forecasts and an insurance industry that has been complaining about taxes and other factors it says will lead to rate shock for consumers.

The committee was discussing a study published last month by the Society of Actuaries (SOA) predicting that, thanks to sicker patients joining the coverage pool, medical claims per member will rise 32 percent in the individual plans expected to dominate the ACA exchanges next year. In some states costs will rise as much as 80 percent, the report said.

You supported it, you voted for the idiot who created it and now you’re reaping it.

Good job, suckers.

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Nation's biggest movie theater chain cuts workweek, blaming ObamaCare

The nation’s largest movie theater chain has cut the hours of thousands of employees, saying in a company memo that ObamaCare requirements are to blame.

Regal Entertainment Group, which operates more than 500 theaters in 38 states, last month rolled back shifts for non-salaried workers to 30 hours per week, putting them under the threshold at which employers are required to provide health insurance. The Nashville-based company said in a letter to managers that the move was a direct result of ObamaCare.

“In addition, some managers have requested guidance on what they should tell those employees negatively impacted and, at your discretion, we suggest the following,” read the memo obtained by “To comply with the Affordable Care Act, Regal had to increase our health care budget to cover those newly deemed eligible based on the law’s definition of a full-time employee.”

Nice job, Obama voters!  Your so-called “free healthcare” costs more people jobs and work hours by the day.  Great work!!

You all are a bunch of certifiable geniuses.

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The best health care would be reserved for twenty-somethings. From this peak, the quality and quantity of care available would gradually taper down until about 55, at which time it would plummet.
Population Research Institute, on ObamaCare, 2009

Yes, lefties. When sweet old Grandma Mable needs that surgery to keep her alive, your recent votes have ensured that, instead, some stranger will calculate a cost to value ratio of her existence and if he believes she is not worth the cost well….give her a few painkillers to make her final days bearable.

I mean, it’s not like she’s a value to the community anymore anyway. Right?

Please be sure to send me a message explaining what it’s like when she’s lying in her deathbed and she takes her final look at you and you know that her death is because you voted for “swag”.

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Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius: Yep! ObamaCare Is Going To Raise Cost Of Health Insurance...

A watershed moment in the ongoing disaster of ObamaCare, as Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius finally admits that health insurance premiums are rising because of the President’s health insurance takeover, per the Wall Street Journal:

Ms. Sebelius’s remarks come weeks before insurers are expected to begin releasing rates for plans that start on Jan. 1, 2014, when key provisions of the health law kick in. Premiums have been a sensitive subject for the Obama administration, which is counting on elements in the health law designed to increase competition among insurers to keep rates in check. The administration has pointed to subsidies that will be available for many lower-income Americans to help them with the cost of coverage.

The secretary’s remarks are among the first direct statements from federal officials that people who have skimpy health plans right now could face higher premiums for plans that are more generous. She noted that the law requires plans to provide better benefits and treat all customers equally regardless of their medical claims.

“These folks will be moving into a really fully insured product for the first time, and so there may be a higher cost associated with getting into that market,” she said. “But we feel pretty strongly that with subsidies available to a lot of that population that they are really going to see much better benefit for the money that they’re spending.

Ms. Sebelius added that those customers currently pay more for their health care if their plans have high out-of-pocket costs, high deductibles or exclude particular types of coverage, such as mental health treatment. She also said that some men and younger customers could see their rates increase while women and older customers could see their rates drop because the law restricts insurers’ ability to set rates based on age and gender.

Don’t worry, folks, ObamaCare is blowing premiums through the roof, but there will be subsidies available for lower-income Americans!  That means the rest of us will get screwed twice - once when we pay our higher insurance premiums, then again when we pay for all those lovely subsidies.

But all the Obama groupies said it was free!!!

You mean they were treated like idiots and lied to and they believed it….again???

Man. Fool me once, shame on me….fool me twice…and you’re an idiot.

I mean, heck! How many of us warned you this was going to happen? And what did you say?  You called us ‘racist’, crazy, said we were all ‘Fear-mongering bigots’ who wanted little Susie to die in the street.

Well, here you go, you gullible nimrods.

Reap it!

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And just think, that you could be a photographer or writer, start your own business, be self-employed, as well as change jobs or start a business and not have to be constrained by whether you had affordable and accessible quality health care. That’s what this legislation does.

Nutty Nancy Pelosi on the benefits of ObamaCare

Wow! I can have my own business just because of ObamaCare!!  Right on!!

But…ummm..then I’d have employees….and I’ll be forced to provide them with health insurance and it was reported that premiums are going to rise 200%…meaning I’ll have to raise the price of my product through the roof…which means no one will purchase it…which means I’ll have to layoff all my employees and my business will shut down…meaning I’ll be unemployed and broke but still required by law to have health insurance which I can’t afford now but will still be fined for not having….which I won’t be able to pay because I’m out of work….which means my credit will be shot and I may go to jail for not paying the government what it says I owe.

Uh…yeah…I think I’ll pass.

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Five Guys: Obamacare will boost burger prices

Imagine that.

The fight over Obamacare, so far held at the 30,000-foot level, is about to hit home. The latest impact hot off the grill: prices of burgers and hot dogs at Five Guys, the national chain that started in Washington, are going to rise to cover the president’s mandated insurance coverage.

"Any added costs are going to have to be passed on," said Mike Ruffer, a Five Guys franchise holder with eight of the popular restaurants in the Raleigh-Durham, N.C. area. He will need all the profits from at least one of his eight outlets just to cover his estimated added $60,000-a year in new Obamacare costs.

What’s more, he’s iced plans to build another three restaurants until after the administration explains the exact rules and penalties employers will face. The law’s plan to have those available March 1 has been pushed back to October.

I could have sworn I heard someone warning all of you Obama supporting idiots that this would happen if you continued to kiss his ass.  Who was it, again? I know someone kept saying over and over that the cost of ObamaCare was going to get passed on to the consumer through higher prices and that it would impact jobs and hiring.  Who the hell kept saying that over and over and over…..

….Oh yeah!  IT WAS ME!!

And you jackalopes just wouldn’t listen, would you?  It was “free” healthcare you said.  It would “pay for itself” you said.  Obama had swag, you insisted.

Well, reap it, losers!!

You’re getting what you voted for and everything you deserve.

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Obama Sticks It To the Middle Class With New Obamacare Tax on Dental Braces…

Obama stuck it to the middle class again by taxing braces and limiting the cap on Flexible Spending Accounts.

The new Obamacare regulations will affect middle class families making just over $53,000 the most.

Americans for Tax Reform reported

In 2013, the tax increases in Obamacare will increasingly conspire against kitchen-table family healthcare decisions.

As just one example, below are some of the taxes that will impact the purchase of dental braces:

Obamacare Medical Device Tax: As of Jan.1, Obamacare imposes a new tax of 2.3 percent on medical device manufacturers, including those who make dental braces. The tax is imposed on gross sales — even if the company does not earn a profit in a given year. While the tax will be paid to the IRS by the manufacturer, the tax will be passed along as a higher cost of the product, ultimately to be borne by the parent buying the braces for their child. With the cost of braces being as high as $7,625 this new tax could raise the cost of these braces by $175.

Obamacare Flexible Spending Account Cap:
As of Jan. 1, the 30-35 million Americans who use a pre-tax Flexible Spending Account (FSA) at work to pay for their family’s basic medical needs face a new government cap of $2,500. This will squeeze $13 billion of tax money from Americans over the next ten years. (Currently, the accounts are unlimited under federal law, though employers are allowed to set a cap.) A parent looking to sock away extra money to pay for braces would find themselves quickly hitting this new cap, meaning they would have to pony up some or all of the cost with after-tax dollars. Needless to say, this tax will especially impact middle class families.

Obamacare “Haircut” to the Medical Itemized Deduction: Faced with higher prices for braces and a reduced ability to pay for them with their FSA, parents might decide to deduct the cost of braces on their tax returns. Unfortunately, Obamacare makes this harder, too.

Before Obamacare, Americans facing high medical and dental expenses were allowed a deduction to the extent that those expenses exceed 7.5 percent of adjusted gross income (AGI). As of Jan. 1, Obamacare imposes a threshold of 10 percent of AGI. Therefore, Obamacare not only makes it more difficult to claim this deduction, it widens the net of taxable income.

According to the IRS, 10 million families took advantage of this tax deduction in 2009, the latest year of available data. Almost all are middle class. The average taxpayer claiming this deduction earned just over $53,000 annually.

Read the rest here.

Great job, Obama voters!

Weren’t you the ones bitching about the cost of healthcare?

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