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Obama Campaign Scolds Supporters For Being More Excited To Meet George Clooney Than Dear Leader…

George Clooney proved so powerful an attraction to President Obama’s supporters that his campaign sent out a condescending reminder that they’re supposed to care more about Obama than the actor.

“I really don’t care,” Ann Marie Habershaw, the Obama campaign’s chief operating officer, said in the subject line of an email about the Clooney fundraiser. After indicating some irritation about the avalanche of questions regarding the event, she reiterated “Honestly, I really don’t care who wins unless you’re talking about Election Day.”

Habershaw said she “won’t judge” people excited about the prospect of meeting Clooney, but made clear that she thinks their priorities are out of whack.


Remember, Obamabots.  Only the Dear Leader deserves your undying love and affection.  Plus, he’s really sensitive and gets all butt-hurt when you idiots worship someone other than him.

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