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Press Secretary: “Not appropriate” for Obama to comment on ongoing investigation of Secret Service but not of Trayvon Martin


You may know by now that the Secret Service is embroiled in the biggest scandal of that agency’s history.  Agents who were in Columbia are in hot water after bringing prostitutes back to the hotel where Obama was to stay during his visit to the country this week.  One of the agents didn’t want to pay for services rendered, and the hooker ratted him out.  What does all this mean?  

Big stink.  Big international stink.  

So today, Press Secretary Jay Carney lets members of the media know that Obama won’t be commenting on the scandal because it’s “not appropriate” for him to do so during the ongoing investigation.   That sounds reasonable.

But wait a minute!  Wasn’t there some other big scandal recently that Obama found it perfectly appropriate to comment on in spite of an ongoing investigation?  

Oh yeah.  The Trayvon Martin case.  

So now we have the President of the United States commenting on the ongoing investigation of Florida law enforcement and, in doing so, polluting the jury pool, making it even more difficult for there to be a fair trial in a case that was already jeopardized by high politicization.  

In fact, when the question was asked of Obama, the reporter actually said, “May I ask you about this current case in Floriday, very controversial allegations…”  And the President, in reply, gave a highly emotional response to an already emotionally charged situation.  

But when the scandal hits a little closer to home, involving people who serve at the pleasure of the President himself, mum’s the word.  

So what factor makes it appropriate for the President to comment on an ongoing investigation?  Apparently it just depends on whether he thinks it would benefit him politically to do so.  

That last sentence being key.

But on another note-if I had to work with Obama on a regular basis, I’d probably be driven to drink and buy hookers, too.  Guy has’ta relieve stress somehow.

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