Talk Straight

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    Some of the most classy liberals the left has to offer!
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    I dunno; I didn’t see any of those people I don’t follow saying things I would have ignored about comments I’m...
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    Pointing out “the other side does it too” shouldn’t diminish the fact that it’s deplorable and nonconstructive on any...
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    Wooooooooow way to judge an entire party on a few assholes. Where were any of you when the “fox nation” forums released...
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    Obama, Michelle, Biden, and many other liberals have come to her defense though. There has been a lot of outrage on the...
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    Prove to me that these are all liberals. Stop fucking judging people based on what they believe in. I’m disgusted with...
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    Stay classy, DNC
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    you mean the Ann D Romney who worked her way through college, spent 2 years as a religious missionary promoting her...
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    LOL “You shouldn’t use words that degrade women! That’s misogynist!” is something a feminist would say, but then I’m...
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    All I can say is that this is so shameful. It’s obvious that these people believe everything they’re told like mindless...
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    We’re the party of peace! We believe in freedom and equality for everyone! Everyone can do what they want! LOL LIBERALS....
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    This is unacceptable. Completely and utterly unacceptable. I don’t care who you are, this is not a thing that should be...
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    Liberals showing their true colors.
  24. the-great-white-dark said: The depths of their vicious hatred for anything conventional and traditional is really terrifying.